Our vision for 2022

Allianz-Mission 2022

Our vision until 2022.


Moving people – changing the world. Our vision is an intelligently networked global AM fleet that moves people, ignites faith in Christ, and creates a foretaste of God’s kingdom in many places.

In 2022, 130 missionaries will be on the road with us. Close to Jesus, equipped with passion and competence, they take responsibility to change the world. Our vision is an AM fleet that makes a difference, in the power of God and in connection with our partners.

We will hear 300 stories of people whose lives God has changed. 15 churches around the world will have made significant progress in their development: e.g., daughter churches planted, new leaders trained, people led to faith. We see reports from 25 neighborhoods or village communities whose situation has improved sustainably
through the commitment of AM.

In addition to our core team we encourage a large number of churches and people to live missionally together with us. 250 churches in Germany will be connected with us as premium partners and 100 AM ambassadors will have joined us.

Planting churches worldwide as places of hope and reconciliation, empowering them, and supporting them as partners in their holistic mission.

Inspiring congregations in Germany for world mission, and enriching them through world mission.



In cooperation with local partners, we plant churches and engage in their healthy development as well as theological education and leadership development.

Convinced of the holistic power of the gospel, we are also concerned with poverty alleviation, education, and the commitment to justice and the maintenance of creation.

We invest in three GoGlobal centers around the world and that way we inspire 100 young people for mission every year.

We focus on developing new strategic approaches such as Business for Transformation or Mission in Return.

In the area of employee recruitment, we are increasingly testing different employment and financing models. We empower our core employees to deal competently with conflict, to establish a healthy lifestyle, and to act as coaches to support others.

At events such as the AM Friends Day or visits by AM missionaries, churches in Germany, as our partners, experience the AM culture and benefit from the connection to staff, projects and global developments.

The worldwide management of Allianz Mission takes place in the management board, collaborating with a management team, to consolidate all operational units of responsibility.

In addition, flexible and agile project groups repeatedly reshape to deal with various tasks. The governing board advises and supervises the management board.

Fueled by a shared vision of the future, collective values, a clearly defined mandate, and healthy accountability structures, our local teams work independently.

Sels-evidently, we take advantage of all opportunities for digital networking, collaboration, and training.


The globally active teams of our agency are supported in the best possible way by an agile and clear structure for their local work.


As Alliance Mission, we are a movement.

We have the courage to start or finish tasks.

We see mistakes as learning opportunities. Evaluation and feedback is welcome. We are interested in results and ask for effectiveness.

We seek professionalism and, in prayer, guidance from the Holy Spirit. We have passion for what we do without overwhelming ourselves or others.

We stand up for each other, share successes and suffer together for what does not yet succeed.

We know how to love life as well as rejoice in the beauty of God and at the same time know the reality of suffering and the power of modesty.

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