Poverty reduction

Our vision

One of our major concerns is to provide basic medical care to the people in those parts of the world where we operate. But instead of providing aid that is only short-lived, we want to make a lasting difference to people’s lives. In addition to meeting basic needs, we are committed to helping people help themselves. Only thorugh guiding people to improve their living conditions independently, poverty can be fought sustainably.

What we do

Through humanitarian aid and basic medical support, we aim to reduce poverty around the world. This is done through

  • early childhood support,
  • health education,
  • self-help groups,
  • youth work (sexual ethics and AIDS education),
  • the construction and maintenance of health stations,
  • the training of health workers/educators,
  • anti-AIDS programs,
  • HIV testing and counseling,
  • mobile clinics,
  • the production and use of natural medicine,
  • education.

All our medical services take place in close cooperation with the respronsible national health authorities. Native staff accompany, foster and support us in our respective tasks.