Theological education

Our vision

In the field of theological education, we are concerned with two questions:
How does theological education need to be designed, so that pastors, missionaries, church leaders and evangelists can meet the challenges of an increasingly changing society?
How can native church planting be practically supported and promoted?

In many countries where we are working, there are significant deficits in thorough theological education; a major challenge for the further development of (young) Christian churches.

Our goal is to start at the basic level and create good structures to train theologians in a well-founded way.

What we do

We want to achieve good theological education in various ways, e. g., through

  • working on social and cultural conditions,
  • providing financial support for the training of pastors,
  • making theological education possible for moneyless students,
  • establishing theological training centers around the world, e. g., in Benin, Japan, Mali, or the Philippines.

In order to provide theological training for future spiritual leaders, we also cooperate with other churches and mission agencies.