International church work in Germany

Our vision

We want to discern people from other cultures, recognize their needs, help them and meet them in love, offer friendship, and introduce them to Jesus. We want to invite them, in the protected atmosphere of a Christian community, to get a better understanding and appreciation of German culture and way of life, in order to reduce existing prejudice.

Immigrants in our country should be treated in such a way that they recognize God’s love. Their integration should become a core concern and a matter of course for the churches.
We want to help the churches to discover people from other cultures as an enrichment. Christians should set an example of living together in a way that is friendly to foreigners and free of prejudice.

We want to encourage initiatives for church and association planting among immigrants, without cultural boundaries. We wish for international congregations to join the Federation of Free Evangelical Churches and found new German-international churches together.

What we do

People coming to Germany from many countries to live or seek refuge here is nothing new. That is why Allianz-Mission is working with and among them for more than three decades.

We put our vision into practice in a variety of ways. For example through

  • counseling sessions,
  • seminars, lectures, or conferences,
  • international camps,
  • integration aids for churches of the Federation of Free Evangelical Churches,
  • the International Mission Church Day.

In this work area, we cooperate closely with the Federation of Free Evangelical Churches. This is done through the working team “International church work in Germany”.